Friday, September 28, 2012


Has it seriously been an entire year since I even looked at this thing!?

I guess so. Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another installment of Samakhulis Moonflair's big fat bloggy-blog where we talk about anything Achaean. Or at least I do.

What's been going on? Lots, then again, not a whole lot. I've been away quite a bit. Can't put in a lot of full-day stints in-game, mostly because I picked up a new full-time job OOC in March, which has been keeping me very busy.

HOWEVER, been making new friends, finding old ones coming back and all sorts of things!

What to talk about? idea. Garden's stalled also, due to the job thingy, though there've been new people ever since I published on some of the fun little sites like The MUD Connector and MUDstats. Most of them don't stick around. A few pop in every week or two. Others connect but never log in. It's...slow.

Sorry, if I'm in a tired mood, but I am. Perhaps I'll hang it up here for now and see you all again in another year!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Lucky Duckling

This morning I logged into and discovered that they'd given me an 'Add to Site' option on all the postings. I followed up and discovered that I'd been chosen to participate in a new beta for personal sites, which is like a listing of favorites in a customizable page and things! So I'm totally excited now!

You can see what I've got going so far at Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Woo! Totally neat updates I bet!

Huh. Been forever, hasn't it? Ah well. I've been BUSY BUSY!!

Because I like mah ICanHasCheezburger stuffs, I created a profile there. Then I found that all my comments had some really dumpy avatar, so I created a Wordpress account and changed that.

Well anyway, I've decided to maybe possibly run a Wordpress blog in parallel with this one at

Not only that but I've also been encouraged to open a Digg account (via Iron Realms's new news posty thing on their website and of course, the lure of a free credit per digg) and then on top of THAT I also got me a Tumblr account. Sheesh! I don't even LIKE Tumblr, but there was a few profiles that were posting pictures and I wanted to follow them kinda. Though I found an RSS feed from each of those accounts and am able to follow despite having my own account there or not. Whatever..maybe I'll just close it. If I can.

So yeah! I'm still here. Still alive and kicking.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A few cutie links

Here. I'm adding a few links to my Cheezburger profile. I don't know where I'll put them yet, but here's a few for now.

I'm not that active on it yet. All I have is a couple of the RSS feeds coming into my Google Reader. But I'm hoping to get more and more witty as time goes on. From the second link there, you can probably tell I'm not that good at it at the moment.

Anyway, hope ya'll are doing well!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011

TFG Update

Okay, so I assume it'd probably be worthwhile to go updating THIS old thing. There are a few things which I've done recently and not even mentioned!
  1. You can view blogger in a whole new way!:
  2. Huge TFG Website updates: I've changed the layout of the Fairy Garden website completely and done a few major updates, such as a twitter feed which I'm currently manually updating every time I make an in-game or website news post.
  3. Achaea: Congratulations to Stephine for winning the freaking April 2011 Great Hunt! OMG!!!! Now she can get her pet, right? ;)
  4. More Blogger: I'ma going to get some of the web buttons for MU*'s to put on the layout of this blog. It'll be kinda nice to have anyway, although a little meh maybe. Lemme know what you think if you want to.
Anyway, I know it was a fairly outline-based update, but I'm still here! -Samakhulis Moonflair

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Fairy Garden - HUGE Update!!

As of...two days ago, we finally activated DSL at our house. With this news in mind, I've decided to try and make the Fairy Garden live 24/7! No more of these third-party hosting services that never work and take days to figure out...I've got this one set up already and running! And on the old address to:
And just today I created a forum based on the free phpBB software. THAT is located at
Anyway, hopefully I can keep developing it a little more now that it's up, and of course, hopefully I'll have more people asking in or just popping in....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tsol'dasi...a BIG surprise

Favonius. What a guy! This morning, I was puzzling over the Cabal of Life, a temple in the newly-discovered city of Istarion. You can't get into it unless you're an initiate of the Order of Life..of course the priestess will give you a quest to do if you want to become one.

I finished THAT quest and she pointed me to another person who only spoke the local language, Tsol'dasi. And I couldn't understand a word of it.

Later I asked Favonius about it and he said that there was a quest he did not figure out yet, but was in the process of. And he needed some help. So just tonight, I teamed up with him and we figured out the quest of the Two Trees! And you do not get hints. So HA!

What's the prize? It's a SUR-PRISE. But it is sooo cool. Long story short, now I'm in the process of becoming an initiate of the Order of Life, which involved first the Achaean quest and then the Tsol'dasi quest, both of which I managed to finish. I just hope this doesn't conflict with the Divine Order of Sleep and Dreams..we'll see. And if it does, I'll ask my Lady to fix it for me. Hmm..I really hope it doesn't conflict.

Sarita is now the third to learn the Tsol'dasi language, Favonius being the second.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Friends and Gaia

Hello, everyone! I'm just feeling in a posty kind of mood. Not postal. Posty! I just wanted to comment on a few things (and of course, post links to other places which I can talk about later).

First off though, I'd like to say that I have been getting to know a bunch of new people as friends: Elone, Ashlean, Illydwen and others. Of course, so far only Illydwen is a mutually -official- friend friend, but it's the others are becoming good friends unofficially also.

I also JUST discovered Gaia Online like yesterday. And I've been exploring like crazy around there.

Here's what I made my character look like:

You can see the full profile page at:

So far I'm just now figuring it out, so if I'm a little off on technique, that's why. Anyways, hope you all are doing well also!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wowee! I haven't posted here in quite a while. And I started about this time last year it seems. Anyway, I -would- make this longer if I had time, but I have to leave like right now. Just searching through Google for stuff on IC players. Not to cheat on quests or anything, just to read up and find stuffs. Anyway, hopefully more later!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TFG Updates

There have been a TON of major updates to the Fairy Garden.

1) MCP-Server finally sent me an email saying they were shutting down free service at the end of October. So with this confirmed, I opened up a new service with Vermaxhosting. And they didn't let me pick my own port, so the online service, whenever it's on is at:
Port: 9304

2) I've also been hosting the server from my own laptop with a free DNS thingy.. That is at:
Port: 3349

3) We have a new player: Lynara, from Achaea, who has actually been debugging a TON of stuff within the last week. It seems to be her area of expertise. But of course, I've told her not to break the world..just a few bugs at a time please!! ;)

4) We've upgraded to 1.8.4p1. Fun fun.

5) I want a TON like I said I had, so here's a fifth bullet point.

Anyway, I can't wait. oh here's something else.

6) The localhost one even has a nice website with wiki and Shimmie and I already announced this didn't I? Yes I did. I recall seeing the Shimmie tag in one of my previous posts. Never mind. Carry on.

Anyway, I can't think of anything else right take care and have fun.